Oh Canada!

17 Oct

I’m feeling terribly guilty for neglecting my darling blog for so many days!  The truth is that most of my activities these days are booorrriiingg. The daily slog and fall, though my favorite season, have left me with nothing to write about. There is a light at the end of the tunnel friends! Last week I had the pleasure of an international adventure in wait for it, CANADA!

I took a vacation week from work to help my friend Leanne out with a conference held in Toronto.  It was great fun, tons of work, and totally inspiring. I was stretched way beyond my comfort zone and despite a huge lack of confidence excelled.

In the hardest part of the week I was having difficulty making a decision about what to eat (big surprise) so I went to the exact same place I’d been the night before, Toronto’s version of a “Texas Joint.”  I wanted to laugh at this place, and turn my nose up at the cheesy-ness of it all, but instead I found myself overcome with emotion by eating and drinking what was once so familiar and now such a rarity in my life.  I even jotted some notes:

Sometimes a person just needs to be comforted. I remember this feeling well from the college semester I spent in London.  My parents would send me care packages of Old El Paso taco kits so that I could replicate the dishes of home while living so far away. So here I am in Toronto for the second time at the worlds cheesiest Tex Mex place. But the country music and casualness of it all appeals to me. I’m bone tired. My brain is fried and all I can think is yes give me a beer that tastes like a fraternity party on a starry fall night. A good one. Where I’m young and cute and everything is ahead if me. Yep. That’s what I need most. That and sizzling fajitas that remind me of El Chico in the mall.

I don’t consider myself a “food person” and am certainly not a *gag* “foodie.”  I don’t really care what I eat and gravitate toward eating the same thing over and over and over again. I’m overwhelmed by endless food decisions and would rather just eat crackers and soy cheese than decide if I’ll have mashed or stewed potatoes, or lamb, or chicken, and then how do you prepare the lamb or chicken? Wait, should I have rice? I’m getting agita just thinking about it. Despite all of this, I’m interested in exploring food that connects me back to something meaningful, to a memory or lots of memories, like my grandmother’s squash casserole.  BUT how does one do this when they have terrible dietary limitations that basically ruin their lives? Just kidding. Sort of.

My last day in Toronto I visited a famous Farmer’s Market, “The St. Lawrence Market.”

St. Lawrence reminded me of a cross between the Amish Market in Lancaster, PA and Pikes Place in Seattle.

It had your straight-up farmers market fare mixed with tourist nonsense and just plain weirdness.

So that’s all for Toronto!  Let me know what inspiring activities you are up to.


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