Hersheypark and Amish Dinner

5 Aug

Last Saturday, my family and I visited Hersheypark.  It was a remarkably clean and pretty amusement park.  However the charm of the park was shadowed by…


Is it just me or are amusement parks the number one place to view terrible tattoos?  I saw dogs, candies, and my very favorite: an ex’s name or initials.  You know it’s an ex tattoo because its been covered up by something else.

There is nothing wrong with body art, friends. Nothing. I have many charming friends with lovely skin embellishments, but please, think about your future when tattooing yourself at age nineteen!  Do you really want a tweety bird or sorority seal on your back in 2025?  When swaddling your grandchild will a tramp stamp really be appropriate?

After Hersheypark, we had dinner at an Amish country farm-to-table establishment, Plain and Fancy.

Plain and Fancy gets five stars for being both hoaky and delicious at the same time!  If you ever visit, be prepared for an immense country store that will put Cracker Barrel to shame including terrible/wonderful objects d’art, canned food, Amish literature, children’s toys, sundries, Amish costume pieces, and sayings plaques (“take it one day at a time”, “if Grandma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” and so on).

Amish Romance Literature

The incredible Amish Farm Feast included fried chicken, roast eye-round of beef,  chicken pot pie with homemade noodles (aka chicken and dumplings), chow chow, real mashed potatoes, corn on the cobb, pepper cabbage (aka cole slaw), and green beans.  The dessert  consisted of shoo fly pie and sour cream apple crumb pie.  It was heaven on a plate, folks.

Plain and Fancy Fried Chicken

My final stop on Sunday morning was the Hershey Trolley Works tour. It included group singing of barbershop tunes and standards and tour guides who sneakily changed costumes behind the trolley car to become new characters! We “picked up” Henry Hershey, Pierre the chef, and a young serviceman returning from WWII (after that one we all sang God Bless America – I of course became misty eyed because I am a sap).  I couldn’t have written it better myself and was jealous that I wasn’t a tour guide.  I loved the nonsense.  I wonder if I could create a similar tour?  A Queens county singing tour anyone?


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