Notes from a Farm Share

3 Aug

The take (minus the eggplant)

Tonight was my first experience with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group.  I am a member of Harvest Astoria and due to an internal sharing schedule (I split with three others) I hadn’t picked up any produce until today.

The take was:

cucumbers  2.5 lbs
squash        2 lbs
greens        1 lb
eggplant     1 lb
peppers      3 each
Perslane  1/2 lbs
basil          1/3 lb
Watermelon/Melon 1 each
dandelion    1/3 lb
tomatillos     .4 lbs
beans          2/3 lb
corn            2 each
I am sad to report that I didn’t pick up any basil!  Somehow we missed it when we were selecting our goods (its a bit overwhelming in there – lots of grabby hands).


Luckily my boyfriend was with me, or I would have come home and not had any idea what to do!  After I washed everything in a vinegar bath, he promptly made a stir-fry with half a squash, all of the eggplant,  and one pepper. All I could do was peel and slice one lemon cucumber for a snack.  Cooking really overwhelms me, I’m much more of a baker at heart. There are less choices in baking—much like knitting or canning—the process involves preparing the ingredients and assembling them in steps.  I can’t handle that “taste this and get a feel for that” aspect of cooking.  My friend Alicia is a star at it, and I constantly read her blog for cooking inspiration.

veggies get a bath

I’m looking forward to using the tomatillos in something adventurous but what the H am I going to do with those bright red greens and  buckets of squash?  Please dear friends, if you have any comments or advice, share!!


2 Responses to “Notes from a Farm Share”

  1. SomeGirlinBklyn August 4, 2011 at 9:29 am #

    Is that swiss chard? You can pickle the stems, or chop up in bits and saute with the greens. Love being able to use the whole leaf.

    • Miss Robin August 4, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

      Excellent advice, Alicia! Thanks!

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