Sow’s Ear of the Day – AQ Cafe

14 Jul

Today I was thrilled to find myself in Columbus Circle on the most gorgeous NYC summer day.  What could make this day even better?  Swedish Food!  AQ Kafe fit the bill nicely.  I’d stopped by for coffee before, but never had a meal.  Well….

I should have stuck with the coffee.  I’m not one to harp on portion size, but can you believe this? Note the sad single slice of cantaloupe.  I imagine some lonely prep cook in the dark AQ kitchen said,  “I know what will cheer this meal up! One slice of cantaloupe!”


Nish Nish!

Me:  May I please have the lingonberry soda?

Sad Server:  Sorry, we don’t have any soda.

Me: Oh. Okay.  I’ll just have water then.

The whole experience was depressing.  Like when  you go to Ikea and they don’t have any of the furniture you want in stock. Speaking of Ikea, the Gravlax there is excellent a much heartier portion size for much less cash.

One sow’s ear to AQ Cafe.  And a double Nish Nish!

Because I believe in making silk purses out of sow’s ears – I decided to use my expereice at AQ as a catalyst for creating a Swedish treat of my own.

Behold, a lingonberry soda – made with Ikea lingonberry syrup and soda fresh from my soda stream machine.

Lingonberry Drink



2 Responses to “Sow’s Ear of the Day – AQ Cafe”

  1. Mk July 18, 2011 at 6:35 pm #

    This post makes me a little sad. i loved the a.q. cafe’s lox sandwich. But it was expensive.
    Even the little donuts are expensive. In other news, i love the ligonberry soda! Here here!

    • Miss Robin July 19, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

      Isn’t a delicious lingonberry soda always a treat?

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