Trip to Hudson, New York

27 Jun

This Saturday, I traveled with some dear pals to Hudson, New York.  One of my favorite places in the northeast corridor. My purpose in making this journey was three-fold:  to eat barbecue, to shop, and to be a lady.

I accomplished the barbecue eating quickly.  We immediately hit up American Glory and dove into macaroni and cheese fried balls.  Forbidden fruit to a gal with lactose intolerance.  I tested the limits by having four bites.  I ordered the brisket sliders for my entree.  Gold star.

Next, we started with the shopping.  Hudson has a unique personality.  High-end, design-oriented stores and galleries are situated against reasonably-priced thrift and antique shops.  I like to pop into the fancy places for inspiration and then cross the street for some real bargains.  On Saturday I bucked the trend by purchasing three charms at a really fancy antique store.

I call this collection “secretary.” I found the charms in a bowl with a sign that read: Charms – $5 a piece. Heaven. All are sterling. I was inspired by the typewriter and cigarette and ash tray. I couldn’t find a phone to add to the mix, but thought the “just because…” made an excellent stand-in.

Next, I purchased a few bobbles at a charity thrift shop. Most notably, what I believe to be a 70’s era knit dress.  Hello, $12!  I also picked up a great Club Monaco blouse for $5 and a mid-century scarf for $5.

Later we popped over to a “vintage boutique” where I purchased this little pin-tucked number for $15.

It was a great little adventure. And yes, I was a lady the whole time.


One Response to “Trip to Hudson, New York”

  1. mk July 12, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    Everything you purchased was totally ladylike! I don’t know how you do it, but you always seem to find the cutest stuff when we go places. By the way, I love this blog. Post more, I want to read more!

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